Another post on our trip to Capital Reef National Park in April. This one is about a hike that Sandy and I did. I still have lots of posts to do to catch up on everything that has happened. They may slow down now though as I leave for Consimworld Expo tomorrow.

IMPORTANT REMINDER. To really see the photos, click on them to get the full size version. It's best to expand your web browser to full screen so you get the full benefit. The thumbnails that I put in the text of the posts does not do them justice.

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24 May 2017    Rim Overlook

Our second hike in Capitol Reef National Park >>More

22 May 2017    Frying Pan Trail and Cassidy Arch

We take a trip to Capital Reef National Park >>More

21 May 2017    The Opposite of Deja Vu

A long, serious post that took a month to write. TLDR is ok. >>More

16 April 2017    NZ pt8 - Final Hikes

We finish up our New Zealand trip with a couple of day hikes >>More

9 April 2017    NZ pt7 - Taking A Rest Day

We spend a day shopping and tasting wines >>More

8 April 2017    NZ pt6 - Finishing The Routeburn Track

Another great day on the Routeburn Track >>More

7 April 2017    NZ pt5 - Harris Saddle

The high point of our trip, literally and figuratively >>More

6 April 2017    NZ pt4 - Starting The Routeburn Track

Fine weather for our first day on the Routeburn >>More

1 April 2017    NZ pt3 - Getting Ready For The Big Hike

The weather is improving just before we start the Routeburn >>More

31 March 2017    Interlude - The Home Front

Abby causes a lot of mischief while we are gone >>More

30 March 2017    NZ pt2 - Te Anau

We make the best of a couple of rainy/cloudy days >>More

23 March 2017    NZ pt1 - Getting There

A two week trip to one of my favorite countries >>More

5 March 2017    Delicate Arch (again)

I finish up my Moab trip with a hike to Delicate Arch >>More

4 March 2017    Fiery Furnace

You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike >>More

1 March 2017    Longbow Arch

It takes two posts to cover everything I did my first day >>More

25 February 2017    Corona Arch

After a long winter I go to Moab for some hiking >>More

10 January 2017    Snow, Snow and More Snow

Boise gets a record amount of snow on the ground >>More

2 January 2017    Winter

I might not like winter but Abby sure does >>More

31 December 2016    Back Home

After our trip to Kauai we come home to winter >>More

30 December 2016    Hanalei Bay

We take a trip to the wild north side of Kauai >>More

29 December 2016    Switching Hotels

"We're movin' on up, to the east side..." >>More

28 December 2016    Wailua Falls

We preview the east side of Kauai >>More

23 December 2016    Waimea Canyon

We explore the southern half of Kauai >>More

21 December 2016    Hawaii Vacation Deal

When something seems to good to be true it probably is >>More

4 December 2016    Abby's Treasure

Abby brings home a special treasure on one of our walks >>More