Another post on my trip to Nepal. I'm close to being done but since we're leaving on vacation again soon, I might not finish them till after I get back.

IMPORTANT REMINDER. To really see the photos, click on them to get the full size version. It's best to expand your web browser to full screen so you get the full benefit. The thumbnails that I put in the text of the posts does not do them justice.

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29 Dec 2017    Nepal Pt13: Tengboche

It feels like I'm back to civilization...almost >>More

28 Dec 2017    Nepal Pt12: Hiking Downhill

Well, mostly downhill >>More

27 Dec 2017    Nepal Pt11: Crossing the Cho La

We cross another high pass...two out of three ain't bad >>More

26 Dec 2017    Nepal Pt10: Climbing Gokyo Ri

I try to climb a 17,000 foot peak in the Himalaya...twice >>More

25 Dec 2017    Nepal Pt9: Crossing the Renjo La

I'm reminded that 17,000 feet is really high >>More

24 Dec 2017    Nepal Pt8: Getting High

I'm in Nepal after all >>More

23 Dec 2017    Nepal Pt7: Changes

Namche has changed a lot since my visit in 1990 >>More

22 Dec 2017    Nepal Pt6: On to Namche

just another Phakding day on the trek >>More

21 Dec 2017    Nepal Pt5: Back on Track

or should I say back on trek >>More

20 Dec 2017    Nepal Pt4: Starting the Trek

I'm finally hiking in the Himalayas! >>More

18 Dec 2017    Nepal Pt3: The End of the Road

I'm determined to get to the mountains somehow >>More

6 Dec 2017    Nepal Pt2: Flying to Lukla

...NOT!!! >>More

3 Dec 2017    Nepal Pt1: Going Halfway Around the World

A funny thing happened on the way to Patagonia >>More

2 Dec 2017    Mickey and Allie Visit

Mickey and his girlfriend pay a visit to Idaho >>More

6 Nov 2017    The Great American Eclipse

The chance of a lifetime to see a total solar eclipse >>More

29 Oct 2017    Visit To Mad City

Sandy and I go back to Madison for a family visit >>More

15 Sept 2017    Night Hike

Abby and I escape the heat on a night hike at Bogus Basin >>More

14 Sept 2017    Cascade Pass

I do the most famous hike in North Cascades National Park, again >>More

6 Sept 2017    Excelsior Mountain

After wargaming in Seattle I do a hike in the North Cascades >>More

23 Aug 2017    GameOn Summer Session

I attend a weekend wargame convention in the Seattle area >>More

22 Aug 2017    Redwood National Park

For our last hike we go to the Tall Trees Grove >>More

21 Aug 2017    Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Another day of hiking in the big trees >>More

27 July 2017    Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

Our first day of hiking in the redwoods >>More

15 July 2017    Crescent City

Sandy and I take a trip to Northern California >>More

9 July 2017    Stack Rock

I try to repeat a popular climb from my youth >>More

3 July 2017    Jump Creek Falls

After all my trips I finally do a local hike >>More

2 July 2017    Touring Yellowstone National Park

It's been over forty years since my last visit >>More

29 June 2017    Old Faithful

and I'm not talking about me >>More

28 June 2017    Jackson Lake Lodge

We spend a night in Grand Teton National Park >>More

27 June 2017    Jackson Hole and Jenny Lake

We take a trip to the Tetons with Shannon and Jimmy >>More

26 June 2017    A Lotta Lab Love

A hundred and seventy pounds, to be exact >>More

25 June 2017    Home From CSWE With A Stop In Canyonlands

I did a nice hike in the Needles District on my way home >>More

24 June 2017    Consimworld Expo pt3 - More Than Playing Games

Final post on CSWE >>More

23 June 2017    Consimworld Expo pt2 - Counterinsurgency (mostly)

Picking up CSWE again, the games I played the last four days >>More

18 June 2017    Father's Day

We do a hike up Table Rock to celebrate Father's Day >>More

17 June 2017    One Year of Retirement

Today is the first anniversary of my last day of work at U of I >>More

16 June 2017    Three Years With Abby

Today is the third anniversary of when Abby came to live with us >>More

15 June 2017    Consimworld Expo pt1 - East Front Fest

I spend the first four days of CSWE playing East Front games >>More

14 June 2017    Driving to Consimworld Expo

I stop at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on the way >>More

13 June 2017    Yosemite Falls Hike and Half Dome Memories

A beautiful day of hiking where I get nostalgic >>More

11 June 2017    Yosemite Valley and the Mist Trail

Sandy and I take a trip to the Incomparable Valley >>More

10 June 2017    First Time

...playing golf this season, and other important firsts >>More

8 June 2017    GMT Weekend - Spring 2017

My usual biannual pilgrimage to GMT headquarters >>More

7 June 2017    Playtesting the Seven Years War

Trying out a new game from GMT on the Seven Years War >>More

6 June 2017    Grand Wash

Our last hike in Capitol Reef National Park >>More

24 May 2017    Rim Overlook

Sandy and I do a hike on our own >>More

22 May 2017    Frying Pan Trail and Cassidy Arch

A hiking trip to Capitol Reef National Park with a friend >>More

21 May 2017    The Opposite of Deja Vu

A long, serious post that took a month to write. TLDR is ok. >>More

16 April 2017    NZ pt8 - Final Hikes

We finish up our New Zealand trip with a couple of day hikes >>More

9 April 2017    NZ pt7 - Taking A Rest Day

We spend a day shopping and tasting wines >>More

8 April 2017    NZ pt6 - Finishing The Routeburn Track

Another great day on the Routeburn Track >>More

7 April 2017    NZ pt5 - Harris Saddle

The high point of our trip, literally and figuratively >>More

6 April 2017    NZ pt4 - Starting The Routeburn Track

Fine weather for our first day on the Routeburn >>More

1 April 2017    NZ pt3 - Getting Ready For The Big Hike

The weather is improving just before we start the Routeburn >>More

31 March 2017    Interlude - The Home Front

Abby causes a lot of mischief while we are gone >>More

30 March 2017    NZ pt2 - Te Anau

We make the best of a couple of rainy/cloudy days >>More

23 March 2017    NZ pt1 - Getting There

A two week trip to one of my favorite countries >>More

5 March 2017    Delicate Arch (again)

I finish up my Moab trip with a hike to Delicate Arch >>More

4 March 2017    Fiery Furnace

You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike >>More

1 March 2017    Longbow Arch

It takes two posts to cover everything I did my first day >>More

25 February 2017    Corona Arch

After a long winter I go to Moab for some hiking >>More

10 January 2017    Snow, Snow and More Snow

Boise gets a record amount of snow on the ground >>More

2 January 2017    Winter

I might not like winter but Abby sure does >>More