Another short post about a recent morning walk with Abby.

IMPORTANT REMINDER. To really see the photos, click on them to get the full size version. It's best to expand your web browser to full screen so you get the full benefit. The thumbnails that I put in the text of the posts does not do them justice.

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4 December 2016    Abby's Treasure

Abby brings home a special treasure on one of our walks >>More

30 November 2016    My Old Backpacking Tent

At first Abby doesn't know what to make of it >>More

28 November 2016    BottosCon 2016

My annual trip to Vancouver BC for a wargame convention >>More

19 November 2016    Halloween

Abby has trouble getting into the Halloween spirit >>More

18 November 2016    Flathead Lake

Sandy takes a quilting class and my hiking is rained out >>More

21 October 2016    Hell Roaring Lake

Back from the coast, I take a hike in the Sawtooths with Abby >>More

20 October 2016    Visiting Mom

I visit my mom in Couer d'Alene on our way home >>More

19 October 2016    Ecola State Park

We finish our trip with a hike by the ocean >>More

17 October 2016    Saddle Mountain

We climb a mountain in the Oregon Coast Range >>More

16 October 2016    Cannon Beach

We take a trip to the Oregon Coast for Sandy's birthday >>More

5 October 2016    Big Abby Visit

Abby's sister comes to our house to play >>More

4 September 2016    Big Abby's Birthday Party

Abby helps her sister celebrate her third birthday >>More

3 September 2016    Coming Home

We have a relaxing (and fun) trip home >>More

1 September 2016    Whistler - High Notes Trail

We do a world class hike in the Pacific Coast Range >>More

28 August 2016    Mt. Hood

We start our trip to Canada by going to...Oregon? >>More

20 August 2016    Blackbird Graphics Upgrade

I upgrade my Blackbird to be smokin' hot again >>More

19 August 2016    Abby Get's Shitfaced

Dog. Seriously. What were you thinking? >>More

17 August 2016    Table Mountain

I do another hike while Sandy goes to quilting class >>More

15 August 2016    Black Canyon of the Gunnison

We visit a national park on our travel day >>More

12 August 2016    Ice Lake

Our best hike on the Colorado trip >>More

8 August 2016    Back in the Saddle Again

I interrupt posts about Colorado for the return of WLDRYD >>More

4 August 2016    Ouray and Telluride Ouray

We play tourist in a couple of mountain towns >>More

3 August 2016    Upper Cascade Falls Trail

Our first hike on a weeklong trip to Colorado >>More

22 July 2016    Goat Lake

Devin and I do one more hike in the Sawtooths >>More

21 July 2016    Bench Lakes

Sandy joins us for our second hike >>More

20 July 2016    Pioneer Cabin

I take the Finley's to hike in some real mountains >>More

19 July 2016    Hiking at Bogus Basin

Abby and I take our out-of-town guests hiking - twice >>More

18 July 2016    Wine Tasting

We tour the Idaho Wine Country witht the Finley's >>More

17 July 2016    Warhawk Museum

The Finley's and I visit a local aviation museum >>More

16 July 2016    Sawtooth Lake

A hiking trip to the Sawtooths with Shannon and Jimmy >>More

12 July 2016    Consimworld Expo 2016

I start my retirement with a week of wargaming >>More

29 June 2016    Retirement, Take Two

I retire (again) after five years with U of I >>More

28 June 2016    Craig Chaquico Concert

A quick trip to Reno on my last weekend before retirement >>More

20 June 2016    The Blonde Wolf

The only post I ever made that I didn't write anything >>More

26 May 2016    Abby's Hurt Paw

Kids always get scratches and scrapes when they play >>More

25 May 2016    Ivan's Last Day

An ominous sounding title for a post >>More

6 May 2016    GMT Weekend Spring 2016

A long weekend doing nothing but playing wargames >>More

29 April 2016    Abby's School Picture

Abby gets her picture taken at school like any other kid >>More

1 April 2016    Happy Birthday Abby

We celebrate Abby's second birthday. >>More

31 March 2016    Playtesting a new wargame

I get to play the new COIN game before it comes out >>More

28 March 2016    Monster Wargame

The biggest monster wargame I have ever bought >>More

26 March 2016    Island Excursions

We explore Grand Cayman away from Seven Mile Beach >>More

13 February 2016    Barefoot Man

A Grand Cayman institution >>More

12 February 2016    Walking on the Beach

That's how we spent a lot of our time on this trip >>More

1 February 2016    Grand Cayman 2016

We start Sandy's retirement with a tropical trip >>More

29 January 2016    Abby the Wargamer

Sandy, Abby and I play a wargame...each in our own way >>More